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E-mail: sandrine@sandrinepagnoux.com


Sandrine Pagnoux is a Parisian independant illustrator now based in Barcelona/Spain.

The style of Sandrine Pagnoux is influenced by the world of pop culture, fashion, music and surf, skate …

Her work features photo montages, collaged together with hand-drawn elements.

She mixes photography, scribbles, drawings, typography, and various material.

She has no rules.

She only wants to create a visual impact.

Sandrine Pagnoux works on a range of commercial commissions and projects

in the publishing, editorial, fashion, sport, music and advertising sectors.

In free moments Sandrine Pagnoux performs personal work.

It allows her to express herself and to experiment with new techniques and styles.

That is very important to her.

Sandrine Pagnoux’s work has appeared in several art books such as

Ilustration Now! by TASCHEN, Illusive 2 and Ilusive 3 by Die Gestalten, For Love and Money by Laurence King.

She is a regular contributor to https://46pgs.com , a new graphic design magazine

She loves to see her designs on everyday objects (phone cases, snowboards, t-shirts …)

murals (fine art prints), and to see them in varios media around the world.

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